Key findings

Our research revealed 5 distinct findings

Financial service providers still aren’t getting onboarding right

The last two years has seen more people using digital services than ever before. When it comes to onboarding, financial services providers have not taken full advantage of this opportunity. 68% of consumers have abandoned an application in the last year, up from 63% in our last report.

Mature digital identity schemes do not automatically lead to happier consumers

A pattern we have identified in previous reports is back again: well-used and popular digital identity schemes increase expectations from consumers, whereas those countries where digital identity is newer have lower expectations.

Digital identity beyond borders

New onboarding technologies are not universally popular in every country, and there are some surprising results that show that assumptions could be dangerous—especially in the countries that lie in the middle ground between the most and least mature when it comes to digital identity.

Take data protection to the bank

Consumers care about the security of their data, and the amount of data they are required to share with a provider when completing an application. There’s a need to explain why it’s needed—if it is needed—or risk mistrust and abandonment.

Digital Identity in the COVID-era

The effects of the pandemic have touched every industry and every business. Financial service providers have had to adapt to the changing needs of consumers. However, some consumers found that they were unable to access services at the height of the pandemic.

Explore each country in detail

Signicat has compiled the results of the Battle to Onboard into a series of factsheets for each country surveyed. As well as specific survey results, our experts have added their insight into digital identity nuances—how mature the market is, what eIDs are available, quirks that may not be obvious.

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Onboarding Gone Wrong

Why consumers are abandoning applications